Changing Perceptions

Krav Maga as been perceived for many years as the “World’s most brutal mixed-martial art/military self-defence system”. But at Krav Maga Israel, we see Krav Maga is an effective self-defense system which transforms your whole life–not just your physicality.

At a base level, Krav Maga Israel provides self-defense training to practitioners from all over the world. However, what really draws our clients in and keeps them coming year after year is the sense of empowerment they gain, the relationships and sense of community they build.

Krav Maga is unique through its practicality - for real people and real situations - and its ability to empower people to feel safe, confident, fit, and above all, part of a connected community. We put a strong emphasis on the sense of community Krav Maga inspires, as well as the empowerment and holistic transformation that our clients experience.


Through Krav Maga training you will get fit, gain skill, and increase wellness, confidence and ability - in both mind and body.