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4 Days - Longer programs available by request

Your first steps in Krav Magaare crucial. These are the foundations that you will be building on for years to come. Kick start your journey with a crash course in Krav Maga, learning the basics of striking, defending against weapons, and ground fighting. 

Our experienced trainers cater the training program specifically to your skill and learning pace. At the end of these 4 days you will have completed 20 hours of training and will have obtained a solid foundation and the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones effectively.

Price: US$2000
Location: Tel Aviv or Netanya (other locations available by request)
Min. participants: 1 pers. Additional participants at US$100/person/day

Krav Maga Fundamentals

Guest: Clayton Mathews
Date: 15-18 October 2019

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