Few places on earth stir up passion the way that Israel does: the breathtaking beauty of its hills and valleys, the eerie stillness of the Dead Sea, the dramatic story of Masada ancient fortress and the ancient walls and pathways of Jerusalem. Through the Krav Maga camp, you will get to discover a land full of unique, unforgettable people, places, sounds, smells, tastes, and experiences.

Israel is much, much more than just desert and camels, and if you’re planning a trip to the Holy Land, you may have a few questions running around your head. Things like: is Israel safe to travel? What should you expect? Is Israel expensive to visit? And so that’s why we put together the below list.

Safety - We understand that safety issues are important when you’re considering visiting Israel. But just because Israel is a place of conflict, it does not mean that it isn’t safe. Walking around on the streets at night and during the day, even to remote areas in the South is very safe. Security is so strong that it can actually annoy you sometimes. Because of our unique connections, our local team is always the first to know and will keep you safe and informed. Your safety is our priority.

Food - Israel has grown into one of the world’s leading cuisine. With a population which has immigrated to the country from around the world, what's become known as Israeli cuisine today is a delicious melting pot of North Africa (Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria), Middle East (Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq), Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Russia. Except to taste some pretty amazing olives, falafels, fresh vegetable salads, pita, filo dough pastries, and many (many!) bowls of hummus.

Tel Aviv - One of the most vibrant cities in the world. Titled the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times, this is a 24 hour city with a unique pulse, combining sandy Mediterranean beaches with a world-class nightlife, a buzzing cultural scene, incredible food, UNESCO recognized architecture, and an international outlook. Don’t miss it! Fun fact - Throughout Tel Aviv 14km coastline, there are 13 ‘themed’ beaches including a beach for dogs, beaches split by gender for those that want to take a dip without the opposite sex, a yuppie beach (attracting the young and beautiful and is the only beach which charges an entrance fee!), several family-friendly beaches, an accessible beach and an (unofficial) gay beach designated by the rainbow parasols.

Shabbat - It is the Jewish day of rest which officially starts at sundown on Friday and lasts until Saturday night. What this means for visitors is that Israel’s weekend falls on Friday-Saturday. A lot of shops, malls, restaurants and public transport cease to run on Friday afternoons.

Military Service - All Israeli citizens are required to serve in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) at the age of 18. Military service lasts 3 years for men and 2 years for women. The strength of the IDF is often thought of as a contributing factor to Israel’s economic success and security. So don’t be shocked to see military personnel on the streets, it’s perfectly normal.

Dogs - Tel Aviv declared itself the friendliest world city for dogs. Dogs are allowed in most cafes, stores and even high-end restaurants, as well as on city buses and trains and in taxi vans. Tel Aviv boasts 70 dog parks and four dog beaches.

Hebrew - When in Israel you’ll see and hear English, Hebrew and Arabic, but learning a few words of Hebrew is always helpful:

Shalom: Universal for hello and goodbye. It’s direct translation is “peace”
Bevakasha: Please
Toda/Toda Raba: Thank you/Thank you very much
Ken & Lo: Yes & no.
Sababa: Cool / Great / Alright / Sure
Beseder: OK
L’chaim: is what you say for ‘Cheers’ and the literal translation is “to life”
Slicha: Excuse Me / Pardon me / Sorry
Tov: is Hebrew for “good”: ie. Mazel Tov (Good Fortune) or Boker Tov (Good Morning)
Lehitra’ot – See You Later

For the curious visitor, Israel never fails to challenge and confound, excite and surprise, leaving an imprint that lingers long after the return flight home. -Lonely Planet


This is what our camp participants loved the most about Israel:

“The weather, the locations, the history, the sense of culture.”
- Richard

”Tel Aviv is a fantastic city: safe, lively, and so different from what I expected
- Vittorio

Tel Aviv is hands down the best city I've ever traveled to - and I've traveled a lot.”
- Rachel

How welcoming and safe it feels, the food, the stunning scenery, and Tel Aviv.”
- Tatiana