“I have been pushed and been challenged not only physically but also mentally, and for that, I'm deeply in debt to the Krav Maga Israel community. I did learn some new techniques, but more importantly, the Camp reinforced my self-confidence as a woman. What I have learnt will keep me focused and grounded as I continue my training.”

- Elena. (Italy)


"The camp was amazing! It was great to train with people from all around the world in the homeland of Krav Maga. The camp was great organized from the Krav Maga Israel instructors with a lot of interesting teachers and in a few amazing locations. Especially the day we spend at the legendary Wingate sand dunes was great."

- Matthias. (Germany)


“If it were not for the Krav Maga Israel camp i would have never thought to go to Israel so i am very grateful, it was an unforgettable experience. Training for 7 days on base, which is on the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv, and getting to go to different locations for training was my highlight. We got different perspectives on how the instructors train and their experience in self defence. My time in Israel was too short! Safe to say i will 100% go back.” 

- Tish. (Australia)


“Israel Camp is the best opportunity to learn and train with the best Krav Maga instructors where the instructors care about your safety and the safety of those around you. You can learn how to quickly and effectively take care of yourself and those you love. I also loved to train with the other students in the camp and learned a lot from each other.“

- Dawood. (USA)


“Training in Israel was (and always) is the best decision ever! If you’re looking for a high intensity, hot, fast paced and culturally immersive way to explore the dichotomy of Israel, then this is how you do it.It is a week long of physical endurance and stamina and life-long friendships. I loved that we trained in unconventional environments and was mentored by the best of Krav world. Every day was a different skill, different scenarios, weapons and , each day, a new bruise. The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive and attentive. They will push you to be your fittest and toughest. I left the camp, feeling so much more empowered, stronger, yet also yearning to learn more. One week was not long enough!”

- Sarah. Australia


“Summer camp 2018 in Tel-Aviv has changed my perspective concerning Krav Maga learning. One week training in a vibe city with two amazing instructors and attendants from all over the world. It was tough and demanding and most of us reached our limits, but we learnt a lot and as Ron said during his opening speech, we started as strangers and we ended up as family! I hope the camp in 2019 will be challenging too, because I'm attending again!”

- Ploutarchos. (Greece) 


“I had such an amazing time on the Krav Maga camp. I went in 2017 and cannot recommend it highly enough. I enjoyed training with experts from around the world as well as with lots of 'regular' people like me. The camp mixes up the training and locations, and the highlight for me was Wingate Beach at dawn. In the ocean doing pushups, then fighting my way up a massive and steep sand dune. The students were all great, the instructors expert and friendly and then there's Israel. What a beautiful and fun country. On Ron's advice, I took a couple of extra weeks to see the country. The food, people, sights and life of Israel blew me away. I can't wait to go back.”

- Alex. (Australia)