THE Trainer of trainers


Ron is one of the leading authorities in Krav Maga today. Born into a family of fighters, Ron has spent the last three decades training and teaching Krav Maga to soldiers on the front lines and civilians around the world.


In a military career which spans across 20 years, Ron has trained hundreds of combat soldiers in Krav Maga. Setting himself apart from other Krav Maga trainers in the IDF, Ron’s experience goes beyond the role of trainer. He has led soldiers in combat participating in dozens of counter-terror operations deep within enemy territory and he fought in the second Lebanese war, earning the rank of Master Sergeant.

Ron trains Krav Maga instructors around the world and has certified instructors in Israel, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Hundreds of people fly in from around the world each year to train with him in Israel.


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